Creative process: Wonder Woman x María Escoté

We traveled back to the early 1940s in the United States to meet Wonder Woman, one of the most famous super-heroines of all time. The character, first seen in All Star Comics #8 published on October 21, 1941, has been an inspiration for many generations. Wonder Woman set a precedent for the feminist movement with her charisma and personality. We celebrate her 80th anniversary with a very personal capsule collection, full of color and dynamism, something that characterizes us. She was the beginning of a new era for women and, like our heroine, the Escoté woman is brave, emotional, but also insecure.  She is courageous and sometimes afraid, but she deals with any day-to-day hurdle.

The collection speaks of female empowerment through our artistic and optimistic look. We were very happy to be able to work with the comic covers we have admired for years. The prints found throughout the collection represent this magical universe where fashion and fiction connect. They invite us to become Wonder Woman, or any woman we want to be.

The most sensitive minds are those that appreciate color. At María Escoté, we do not perceive a world without color. The chromatic language of the brand has become the main seal of identity, becoming the main language of the Escoté community

We couldn't be happier to offer this collection designed for all the Wonder Women of the world. Our prints bring the energy and strength we need to face our day to day lives. A powerful wardrobe to keep fighting together for a better world.

Designing a print is always a complex and rigorous challenge, and we love it! We start with an idea, a concept. Then we start working on the elements and textures for the illustrations. In the case of this collection, we have had the great privilege of working with original Wonder Woman comic covers. Once the print is finished, we select the appropriate Pantone color by color.

Passionate about art and painting, one of the creative processes that we most enjoy in the brand is to design our own prints. Treat our fabrics like blank canvases and working in the most free, fun and chaotic way on the graphic part are other of our hallmarks. To do this, we have a team of very talented women that you are going to know little by little in this space. Here we will be introducing the people who make up this team and the work process with which we develop each of our garments.

We will start with Marta Rosselló, one of our graphic designers and the woman behind the prints of this collection. 



One of our graphic designers: Marta Rosselló

«I’m Marta Rosselló Borràs, I was born in Mallorca, Spain on 1980.

After leave my non finished civil engineering studies, I start in 2002 my degree in Art and Design in Barcelona, (Escola Massana municipal Art and Design Centre/UAB) where I attend also to Advanced Vocational Training in Visual Arts and Design for Printing.
In 2005 I started as an intern on Jose Castro Studio (Barcelona), I was working there till 2008, doing works for different high street brands and also being involved on the designer haute couture collections attending to Paris fashion week during 3 seasons.
In 2008 I started to work on Desigual (Spanish international high street brand) where in 2011 I was chosen to be the design assistant for Monsieur Christian Lacroix on L-Line, collaboration of 19 seasons between the Designer and the brand, during 2019, I was working on Desigual Capsules working with the designer María Escoté, and that whas the moment when this wonderful relationship began.

On November 2020 I show up the first collection of Upcycling Wear @5moondays at Makeo Barcelona.

On July 2020 I leave Desigual to become a Freelance Designer, looking to be involved on new different exiting projects, establishing my studio on a small mountain village.

Aside design career I also have studies on business administration and marketing at the UOC (Universidad Oberta de Catalunya).

As personal projects I have participated in some audiovisual works, and have as principal hobbies’ photography, cinema, and music, so I am not just interested in fashion, I’m deeply passionate in all creative fields, as well on technologies and sociology.»